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hong kong-the most important market for Chinese smart phone makers may no longer be China。


本文摘要:hong kong-the most important market for Chinese smart phone makers may no longer be China。


hong kong-the most important market for Chinese smart phone makers may no longer be China。香港——对中国智能手机制造商来说,中国似乎不再是最重要的市场。

For years,hundreds of millions of Chinese have purchased new smart phones . in the process they lifted the fortunes of local handset makers From trom多年来,数亿中国人销售了新的智能手机。在此过程中,当地手机制造商的业绩大幅增长。这是著名的华为和误解、酷派和金立等比较不出名的品牌。

but The era of fast growth is coming to an end in China,Where The research group IDC said on Monday that phone sales fell 4 percent in The first quarters但是在中国,智能手机快速增长的时代已经结束。IDC研究公司星期一表示,中国第一季度手机销量比去年同期上升4%,是6年来首次衰退。IDC预计2015年中国智能手机市场将快速增长。the saturated Chinese market-more than 800 million people there use smart phones,according to IDC-means fewer new buyers,And a因此,中国企业将目光转向印度,试图以约14.5亿美元的规模逃离持续增长的市场。

“it is India first for us,”said var un Sharma,coolpad ' s chief executive of Indian operations . he said coolpad,a Shenzhen Planned对我们来说,印度市场是第一位的。“酷派印度首席执行官瓦伦沙马(Varun Sharma)表示,酷派是总部位于深圳的公司。

India ' s smart phone sales are just a fraction of China ' s . but as one of the fastest-growing印度不会透露中国新一代硬件制造商是否具备向中国以外的国家扩张的能力。It is intensely competitive,With more than 150 brands . among the best-selling brands are several indigenous companies With an inside track on lonXiaomi,the most successful Chinese company in India,owned only 4 percent of the market in the fourth quarter。小米是印度最顺畅的中国手机公司,去年第四季度也是如此 but India is also the only place that has a scale like China ' s . Indians are expected to buy 111 million smart phones this year,And 149 million但是印度是唯一一个与中国享有非常大市场规模的国家。


at a bustling sangeet ha mobiles shop in Bangalore ' s kora mangala neighborhood,the 20-year-old store attendant,mur thy lake Took在班加罗尔市科尔望加拉小区拥挤的Sangeetha Mobiles手机店,20岁的店员Murthy Lakshmipathy正在密切利用这种事故。“see the display and the camera”,he said to customers,holding up a new handset made by the Chinese vendor oppo。

“and here,It ' s all unbreakable plastic and gorilla glass . you won ' t get any other stylish phone with these features at this price”将显示“Many Chinese companies are trying to make their case directly to potential Indian buyers online . it is a technique pioneered by Xiaomi,Which小米是中国第一家使用这种模式的公司,它解决了从不能利用电子商务管理的廉价店铺到分销协议等多种问题。而现在,小米在印度也采用了这种模式。So-called flash sales,which offer limited batches of phones to drive up demand and build brand cachet,have rattled the current top Seles所谓闪存购买,是为了提高市场需求,确保有限数量的手机,创造品牌的影响力。


分析人士表示,这种做法已经使印度本土的手机企业micromax和韩国巨头三星针锋相对。目前,这两家公司是仅次于印度市场销量的企业。The tactic is cheap and effective,Saidmr。

Sharma of coolpad 3360 " we don ' t need to spend tens of millions of dollars on marketing or building distribution networks.analysts said companies like his were arriving in their new market at the right time。分析人士表示,类似酷派公司的公司在正确的时间进入了这个新市场。

“Chinese manufacturers can find a lot of play in India,which is in the early phase of growth,and they can fight for meaning ful revenues and“中国制造商可以在处于早期快速增长阶段的印度市场取得巨大成就,并努力获得一定的利润和收益。”Gartner的研究Even so,many Chinese companies have set ambitious targets for them selves . cool pad,Which will introduce its inexex很多中国公司在原著中设定了宏伟的目标。酷派计划在未来3周内在网络上发行手机(Dazen),而不是便宜。该公司表示,目标是在一年内销售300万至400万部智能手机,在3年内销售1500万至2000万部。

Xiaomi,now worth $45 billion,moved into the top five sellers in India in the fourth quarter of 2014。under scoring The company ' The international vice president and former Google executive Hugo barra recently presided over an apple-like blow ow小米目前估值为450亿美元。2014年第四季度,小米挤进了印度最畅销的5个手机品牌。

小米技术全球副总裁、前谷歌高管雨果巴拉(Hugo Barra)最近在新德里(New Delhi)主办了与苹果相似的新产品发布会,吸引了小米对印度市场的追捧。在发布会上,UGOBA发行了小米4i(Mi 4i),这是一款专门为印度市场制造的手机。

该公司回答说,目标是到2020年小米获得手机销售冠军。the smaller Chinese start-up one plus,which puts equal emphasis on selling in China and abroad,began sellingIts flagship one phone in December,and has sold 200,000 phones already . it is shooting to sell a million devices by the end of this year去年12月,1目标是在今年年底前卖出100万台。in the path of those ambitions are a host of Indian rivals,Each hoping to use local knowledge to repeat the success of Chinese phone makers in China在构建这些目标的过程中,来自印度本土的许多竞争对手希望利用当地的理解,实现中国手机制造商的无缝国内复制。


“we have always been the first to identify the gaps in India and have worked toward addressing them”,said micro max ' s chief executive vineef“仍然是我们今年发现的印度市场差距,我想让他们空缺,”Micromax的首席执行官Wine Et Taneja说。skir mishes have already erupted . Micromax briefly won a sales injunction against one plus over a contract with The company cyanogen,The creatorMicromax在这起纠纷案中一度取得胜利,法庭对一加技术下令停止销售。



与此同时,印度政府实施的“印度生产”政策从4月开始对进口商品征收高额关税。no strangers to intrusive government industrial policies,Chinese companies are already expanding operations withinindia . Xiaomi,onee小米、一家和早期占据印度市场的金立公司都计划在印度设立研发中心。

一家、小米和酷派想在印度生产手机。one of the most successful Chinese brands in India so far,Xiaomi has gone to great lengths to create products catering to customers there . its new作为目前印度最顺利的中国品牌之一,小米致力于为印度客户制造合适的产品。

小米的新产品小米4i比大多数赠品都开心,价格约为200美元。但是反对6个印度语,当地设计师团队减少了数量。the company has also built an online store that focuses on India ' s passions of cricket And Bollywood,And has plans to open 100 stores around the小米还进入了网上商店,以满足印度人对板球和宝莱坞的偏好。

小米计划在今年年底之前在印度开设100家新店。“we want to become an Indian company,”Xiaomi's chief executive,Lei Jun,told a local new spaper after the introduction of the One中国品牌最近的粉丝Anusheel Nahar是黑莓(BlackBerry)心中的用户,花费了850美元,纳哈尔表示,他以前从未销售过触摸手机,但误解的规格和成本突出了其他东西。

“it was priced right and seemed hardy enough to carry around in my back pocket,”he said他说。